A PC with the Apple TV and Apple Music apps open.

How is iTunes changing?

If you used iTunes before, now use the Apple Music app to listen to your music library, the Apple TV app to watch your shows and movies, and the Apple Devices app to sync all your media to your other devices.

iTunes—before and after

A PC with Apple Music For You.

Listen to all your favorites

Apple Music has millions of songs—listen to everything from classic hits to the newest releases.

How to subscribe to Apple Music

The iTunes window with a library of multiple albums.

Make iTunes your one-and-only

Still have some CDs or DVDs taking up space? Import them into your library and have all your music in one place.

How to import songs from CDs

A view of a song on Apple Music playing on an Apple Watch, iPhone, and HomePod mini.

Access your iTunes library on all your devices

With all your songs plus Apple Music in your library, play your favorites on all your devices.

How to sync iTunes content

A PC with iTunes on the screen and a HomePod mini nearby.

Boost your sound

Play music on speakers connected to your computer or any AirPlay-enabled device (like HomePod mini) so everyone can enjoy iTunes.

How to choose which speakers to use

To browse the iTunes User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field.

If you need more help, visit the iTunes Support website.

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