App Store User Guide

for macOS Mojave

The main Mac App Store page. The sidebar on the left includes links to other pages: Discover, Create, Work, Play, Develop, Categories, and Updates. On the right are clickable areas including Behind the Scenes, From the Editors, and Editors’ Choice.

Find the perfect app

The all-new Mac App Store makes it easy to find just the right app for you. Click the Discover tab to find in-depth stories about the best Mac apps. Or click Create to find inspiring apps to help you with filmmaking, photo editing, or graphic design.

How to find, buy, and download apps

A Mac App Store Account page showing several apps ready to be downloaded. The App Store Preferences pane, shown as an overlay on the bottom-right corner of the Account page, has the “Automatic Updates,” “Automatically download apps purchased on other Mac computers,” “Video Autoplay,” and “In-App Ratings & Reviews” options selected. At the bottom of the pane are pop-up menus, where you choose password options for purchasing apps and getting free downloads.

Get all your apps on all your computers

Save time by having the apps you purchase download automatically to your other Mac computers (where you’re signed in using the same Apple ID).

How to update apps

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