The Hardware specifications section of a system report.

Check for compatibility

Before you buy new hardware or software, make sure it will work with your Mac by comparing the item’s requirements with the system report.

How to get a system report

The Service pane in System Information, showing the AppleCare service options.

Check your warranty

You don’t need to visit an Apple Store to check the warranty status of your Mac or see if you’re eligible to purchase AppleCare coverage.

Find how to service or repair your Mac

The Storage pane in System Information, showing a graphical representation of your storage.

Tidy up your disk

View a graphical representation to get a quick peek at what’s taking up space on your Mac.

How to see what’s taking up space on your Mac

The “Are you sure you want to erase Trash automatically” dialog in the Storage Recommendations window.

Never empty the Trash again

You can have items that have been in the Trash for 30 days thrown away automatically—and free up valuable disk space.

How to find and delete files

To browse the System Information User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page.

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