macOS High Sierra

Safari troubleshooting

If you have trouble browsing the web, try the suggestions listed below.

Webpages won’t appear

  • Check your Internet connection.

  • Try working in another app that uses the Internet, such as Mail.

  • Make sure cables are connected, and that your network devices (such as a router) are turned on.

Problems opening webpages

If your computer is connected to the Internet but you still have problems, wait a few minutes, then try again to view the webpage.

For more help, see:

If you can’t open a website in Safari

If you can’t open a Safari window

If a user can’t open an encrypted webpage

Webpages are garbled or hard to read

If webpages appear garbled or incomplete, or the text on them is too small, you may need to change Safari preferences. For more help, see:

If webpage text has odd or unusual characters

If features on a webpage don’t work

If Safari doesn’t display webpage images

Zoom in on webpages

Searches aren’t effective

If your web searches aren’t finding what you want, you can improve your search results with the right search terms.

AutoFill doesn’t work

The Safari AutoFill feature remembers information you use to fill in forms on webpages. If AutoFill doesn’t work, you may need to change AutoFill options in Safari preferences.

Problems downloading files

  • Click the Show Downloads button to see the status of items being downloaded.

  • If the download is paused, click the Resume button next to the file in the list.

  • To reveal a downloaded file in the Finder, click the magnifying glass to the right of its name in the downloads list.

For solutions to other downloading problems, see If Safari can’t download an item from the web.

Problems with plug-ins

If a webpage has trouble showing plug-in content such as video, you may see a placeholder with a button that describes a plug-in problem. For example, the plug-in might be old, missing, or blocked.

Try clicking the placeholder button to resolve the problem.

For more information, see If a plug-in is missing and If you’re asked to trust or update a plug-in.