A video image in the viewer with the Record button below.

Capture the moment

It’s easy to get started—just touch and hold the red Record button. You can record a video, or snap a still frame and then zoom in for a closer look. You can also quickly grab a clip or photo from your library.

Make a video

An AR Space in the viewer.

Transform your space

With AR Spaces, transform your environment with fun, immersive visual effects that map to the contours of your space. You can turn your room into a disco, fill it with playful falling objects, or add animated lighting. The effects are customized to your space as you record.

Record with AR Spaces

A Selfie Scene in the viewer.

Change your world

Selfie Scenes make Clips even more fun. Immerse yourself in beautifully animated landscapes, movie sets, and abstract art. Each scene is a full 360-degree experience, so however you move your device, the scene surrounds you on all sides.

Create Selfie Scenes

A video image in the viewer with a Live Title at the top.

Speak your mind

Add animated Live Titles with your voice. As you speak, captions appear on the video—perfectly timed to your voiceover. You can include the recording of your voice along with the Live Title, or you can mute your voice.

Record with Live Titles

Share options, including suggested people to share with.

Go viral

Ready to show off your mini masterpiece? Clips makes suggestions for sharing. You can also send your video in Mail or Messages, share directly to Instagram, and more.

Share your video

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