Use a private network for Xsan metadata in macOS Server

Learn how to change to a private metadata network after you create a storage area network (SAN) in macOS Server.

When you create a SAN in OS X Yosemite or later, Xsan metadata traffic uses the server’s public network. After you create the SAN, you can use a terminal command to change to a private network if:

  • All Xsan metadata controllers use OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 or later
  • All SAN members are connected to the public network and the private network

Change a private metadata network

  1. In macOS Server, open Terminal.
  2. Use this sudo command:
    sudo xsanctl changeIP oldIP newIP

Replace oldIP with the IP address of the metadata controller on your public network. Replace newIP with the IP address of your private metadata network.