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Mac OS X Server 10.5.8 Update v.1.1

The 10.5.8 update is recommended for all servers currently running Leopard Server. This update includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for:

  • reliability of AFP for file services and Time Machine backups
  • propagating file system permissions
  • maintaining history of users previous passwords
  • ensuring consistent VPN throughput regardless of load
  • Spotlight indexing and memory consumption
  • Resolves duplicate serial number alert for servers with multiple network interfaces

For detailed information about this update, please visit this website:

For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website:

SHA1 = 6f00ba1f2be045202688f49f558d0413e12811e4

For explanation of what a SHA1 digest is, please visit this website: Mac OS X: How to verify a SHA-1 digest.

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