Install Mac OS 9 to use Classic applications

Out of the box, some Macintosh computers manufactured after June 2004 do not have Classic pre-installed, including iMac G5, Mac mini, and some Power Macintosh G5 computers. Classic is available on one of the Apple software discs that came with the computer, and you can install it if you need to.

To install Classic support:

  1. Insert the disc that came with your computer that contains Classic support ("Additional Software & Apple Hardware Test" for iMac G5 and some Power Macintosh G5 computers, Software Restore discs for others--check the labels on the discs).
  2. Double-click the "Install Extra Software" icon.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. After selecting the destination disk for installation, continue following the onscreen instructions for a basic installation or click Customize to choose the applications you want to install.