Remote Desktop: Using a custom Lock Screen Picture in Deutsch (German)

When your primary Mac OS X language is Deutsch (German), a custom Remote Desktop Lock Screen Picture may not work.

這篇文章已封存,而且 Apple 也不會再更新。

This article contains instructions for editing the LockScreenTask.strings file, and is only intended for use by system administrators who are familiar with editing configuration files.

  1. Quit Remote Desktop admin.
  2. Control-click the Remote Desktop admin application (in /Applications/Remote Desktop)
  3. Choose "Show Package Contents".
  4. Navigate to the Contents/Resources/German.lproj folder.
  5. Make a backup copy of the LockScreenTask.strings file as a precaution.
  6. Open the LockScreenTask.strings file in TextEdit.
  7. Edit this line:
    defaultPictureName = "Bild für gesperrte Bildschirme"; look like this:
    defaultPictureName = "Bild fur gesperrte Bildschirme";
    (That is, remove the umlaut from "für")
  8. Save the changes.
  9. On your client computers, rename the custom lock screen picture to "Bild fur gesperrte Bildschirme" (again, removing the umlaut).

The custom Lock Screen Picture should now be displayed when a client's screen is locked.