OS X Server: Managing Safari plug-in options using a configuration profile

In Safari 6.1.2 and 7.0.2, Safari plug-in options can be managed using the configuration profiles feature of OS X Server.

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Use Profile Manager in OS X Server to create a Custom Settings payload. Type in the preference domain name "com.apple.Safari", and add a ManagedPlugInPolicies key as described below.

Key Type Content
ManagedPlugInPolicies Dictionary Information for each managed plug-in is stored in this dictionary. The key is the plug-in's bundle identifier and the value is a dictionary with plug-in info, described below.

Common plug-in bundle identifiers include:
  • com.apple.QuickTime Plugin.plugin
  • com.oracle.java.JavaAppletPlugin
  • com.macromedia.Flash Player.plugin


Plug-In dictionary
Each plug-in information dictionary can contain the following keys:

Key Type Value
PlugInFirstVisitPolicy String

Optional. Determines plug-in policy for the first visit to websites that uses this plug-in. Based on this policy, Safari will allow the plug-in to run, block the plug-in from running, or ask the user if the plug-in should be allowed to run.

The following values are accepted:

  • PlugInPolicyAsk = Ask
  • PlugInPolicyBlock = Block
  • PlugInPolicyAllowWithSecurityRestrictions = Allow
  • PlugInPolicyAllowNoSecurityRestrictions = Allow Always
PlugInPreventPerSitePolicyChange Boolean Optional. If present and set to true, the user may not change plug-in settings for websites defined under PlugInHostnamePolicies.
PlugInRunUnsandboxedOnFirstVisit Boolean Optional. If present and set to true, a plug-in can run in unsafe mode when visiting a website for the first time. The default value is false.
PlugInHostnamePolicies Array of Dictionaries Optional. This array stores settings for individual websites. The dictionary format for each website is described below.


Website dictionary
Each website dictionary can contain the following keys:

Key Type Value
PlugInHostname String The hostname of the website.
PlugInPolicy String Determines plugin policy used when visiting this website. Allowed values are the same as the PlugInFirstVisitPolicy key described above.
PlugInRunUnsandboxed Boolean Optional. If present and set to true, the plugin is allowed to run in unsafe mode. The default value is false.

Learn more

For a sample of the Safari plug-in settings, you can look at the source of this sample configuration profile.