iBook: Installing or Replacing the AirPort Card

This article provides instruction for installing or replacing the AirPort Wireless networking card into an original iBook computer. For instructions on installing or replacing the AirPort Wireless networking card into a white iBook, see this article.

  1. Shut down your computer, then remove any connected cables. Turn the computer over and remove the battery.
  2. Release the keyboard by sliding the two plastic tabs away from the display. Then lift the keyboard, flip it over, and lay it on the palm rests. Touch a metal surface inside the computer.
  3. If the AirPort Card came with an AirPort adapter, remove the metal clip and pull the AirPort Card from the adapter. The adapter and metal clip are not used with your iBook.

  4. Flip up the wire bracket and connect the antenna to the AirPort card. Make sure the antenna is securely connected to the card.

  5. Slide the AirPort card (with the AirPort ID number facing up) between the guides, under the wire bracket, and into the slot under the top edge of the trackpad.

  6. Press the wire bracket down to secure the card, then replace the keyboard and battery.

Instructions for using the Airport software are in Mac Help, available in the Help menu.

Note: Wireless Internet access requires an Internet service provider (fees may apply) and AirPort (or AirPort-compatible) wireless Ethernet card and base station. Some ISPs are not compatible with AirPort. For more information, see technical document 106590: "AirPort: Requirements for Wireless Internet Access"

Instructions for removing and installing iBook parts are available at <http://www.apple.com/support/ibook/diy/>.