macOS High Sierra

See your files in the Finder

The Finder is the home base for your Mac. The Finder icon looks like a blue smiling face; click the icon in the Dock to open a Finder window.

A blue arrow pointing to the Finder icon at the left side of the Dock.

You use Finder windows to organize and access almost everything on your Mac.

An example of a Finder window.

See your stuff

Click items in the Finder sidebar to see your files, apps, downloads, and more. To make the sidebar even more useful, customize it.

Or, ask Siri to help you find what you want.

Ask Siri. Say something like:

  • “Show me all the files called Expenses”

  • “Open the presentation I created last night”

  • “Show me files tagged ‘conference’”

  • “Search for files that Jason sent last week”

Access everything, everywhere

Use iCloud Drive to automatically store your Desktop and Documents files and folders in iCloud. You can access them on any Mac where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

Use folders … or don’t

If you like organizing your files in folders, you can do that. It’s easy to create new folders in your Documents folder, on the desktop, or in iCloud Drive.

You can also use tags to organize your files.

Choose your view

You can choose how you view the items in Finder windows. For example, you don’t have to view your items in a list—Cover Flow lets you flip through your files and folders visually.

Send it with AirDrop

You can send a file to a nearby iOS device or Mac right from the Finder. Click AirDrop in the sidebar to get started. For more information, see Use AirDrop to send files to devices near you.

You can also select a file in the Finder, then click the Share button (or use the Touch Bar) to share it using Mail, AirDrop, Messages, Notes, and more.