Connecting your Mac to your mobile phone with Bluetooth

Learn how you can connect your computer to your mobile phone.

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Connecting your Mac to your mobile phone

You can connect your phone to your Mac using either IrDA or Bluetooth. Many mobile telephones have an infrared (IrDA) port that you can use to connect to PowerBook computers that also have IrDA ports. Some mobile phones also work with Bluetooth, which is included with some computers, or which you add to your computer by purchasing a USB Bluetooth adapter.

These instructions explain how to connect a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to your computer.

  1. Upgrade to Mac OS X 10.2.1 or later, which includes Bluetooth software.
  2. If your computer doesn't have Bluetooth, purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter, and connect it to your computer. Adapters are available from the Apple Store.
  3. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  4. From the View menu, choose Bluetooth. The Bluetooth preference pane appears.
  5. Make your mobile phone "discoverable" to other Bluetooth devices. See the documentation that came with your phone for instructions.
  6. Click the Paired Devices tab in the Bluetooth pane, then click New. A window appears, and your computer searches for your telephone.
  7. When your computer finds your telephone, pair the two, making sure to select the "Address Book" and "Internet Access" options. For more information about Bluetooth, and pairing your computer with your phone, use the Help menu.
  8. Open Address Book.
  9. Make sure the Bluetooth logo in the upper left corner of the Address Book window is blue. If not, click the logo to associate Address Book with the telephone that you just paired to the computer.
  10. Select a contact that has a telephone number.
  11. Click the label for one of the contact's phone numbers (such as "home", "work", or "mobile"), and choose Dial from the pop-up menu.

Your mobile phone should dial the contact, and you have confirmed that you can connect your phone to your Mac.

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