If an app stops using accounting format after you upgrade to OS X Yosemite

The option to use accounting number format might no longer be available in your app, or it might stop showing negative numbers in parentheses.

Este artigo foi arquivado e já não é actualizado pela Apple.

Your app might need to be updated to a later version. If an update isn't available or doesn't resolve the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Upgrade to OS X El Capitan.
  2. Quit all apps.
  3. Open Terminal, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.
  4. Type the following command, then press Return:

    defaults read -g AppleLocale

    This command will return a result similar to en_US or en_US@appleseed=john.

  5. Type the following command, but replace result with the result returned by the previous command. Then press Return.

    defaults write -g AppleLocale 'result;cf=account'

    defaults write -g AppleLocale 'en_US;cf=account'
    defaults write -g AppleLocale 'en_US@appleseed=john;cf=account'

  6. Quit Terminal and open your accounting app. Accounting format should work as expected.
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