About Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.6

Learn about Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.6.

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Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.6 is an update for clients of the Remote Desktop application.

How to update

Apple Remote Desktop client 3.6 is included in OS X Mountain Lion. It is also available for OS X Lion as an automatic Software Update and a manual download from Apple Support Downloads. You can upgrade remote OS X Lion clients to 3.6 using the Upgrade Client Software feature of Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.6.

What's New

  • Provides support for IPv6 connections.
  • Allows reporting on new attributes and settings. The following new items can be viewed when generating a System Overview Report in Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.6.
    • Battery
    • Trackpad
    • Thunderbolt
    • DisplayPort
    • Displays with Thunderbolt
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