Lion Server: How to migrate a Mac OS X Server v10.6 mail cluster to Lion Server v10.7.2

You need Lion Server v10.7.2 in order to migrate a mail cluster running on Mac OS X Server v10.6 to Lion Server.

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  1. Set all but one of the mail server cluster members to a standalone configuration.  This is done in Server Admin > Mail > Settings > Advanced, in the Clustering tab.
  2. Set the last mail server to standalone.  Do not migrate the mail data when offered the option of doing so.
  3. If the MDCs are not already running Xsan 2.3, update the MDCs per the instructions in the Xsan 2.3 Administrator Guide.
  4. Update all Mail Servers and Xsan clients to Lion Server v10.7.2 as standalone mail servers.
  5. Install Server Admin tools on each mail server.
  6. Verify that the mail service is not running.
  7. Create a new cluster using Server Admin on the primary mail server on the existing Xsan volume.  Do not migrate data.
  8. Execute the command:

    chown -R _dovecot:mail /Volumes/xsan_volume/.MailCluster/<xsan volume>/data/imap/mail

    Replace "xsan_volume" with the name of the Xsan volume used for the mail cluster.
  9. Start mail services and verify functionality.
  10. Add other mail servers to the cluster by using Server Admin.