Use the News app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Discover the best stories from sources that you love, tailored to your interests. Apple News gathers it all in one place, so you never have to move from app to app to stay informed.

With Apple News, you can read interactive and engaging stories from a large variety of publications (or channels) across a broad range of topics such as Entertainment, Politics, Food, or Science. The more you read, the better Apple News gets at understanding your interests.

The News app is available in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Outside of these countries and regions, you can also use the News widget to see top stories.

Keep up with current events

For You includes the best stories from the channels and topics that you follow or read as well as stories suggested by Siri. For You also highlights Top Stories of the day and Trending Stories that are popular with other Apple News readers.

In the Spotlight tab, Apple News editors go deep into a topic that's of interest at the moment, curating the best stories from sources you can trust. Spotlight is updated often, so check back regularly.

Personalize your News

You can personalize the stories that appear in For You by following or blocking channels and topics.

When you first open the News app, or if you only follow a few channels or topics, you'll see a Personalize Your News message at the top of For You. Tap Browse Channels and Topics, find the channels and topics that you want to follow, then tap  . You can also search for specific channels or topics in Search.

For You might also show you stories from channels or topics that Siri suggests. If you like Siri's suggestion, tap  to follow the suggested channel or topic. If you don't like Siri's suggestion, tap  to see fewer stories from the suggested channel or topic in the future or to stop seeing stories from the channel or topic completely.

To prevent a channel's stories from appearing in For You, tap  next to the channel's name. You can also open one of the channel's stories, tap , swipe left on the bottom row, then tap Block Channel.

Manage the channels and topics that you follow, and see more suggestions from Siri, in Following.

Hide channels or topics

You can dislike stories and hide channels or topics to focus your feed.

Love or share a story

Find a story that interests you and want to see similar stories in For You? Swipe left on the story or tap  , then tap Love Story. Tap Share to send a link to the story from Messages, Mail, and more. Tap Save to save the story.

Dislike or report a story

If you want to stop seeing certain types of stories in For You, swipe right on the story or tap , then tap Dislike Story. To report a concern with a story, tap Report.


Save stories

In the News app, you can save stories to read later—online or offline. Just swipe left on the story or tap , then tap Save.

To find stories that you save, tap Saved at the bottom of the screen. To remove a saved story from your list, swipe left on the story and tap Don't Save.

You can also see your reading history in the Saved tab. Just tap History at the top of the screen.

If you want to clear your history, tap Clear > Clear History. If you want to clear recommendations based on your reading habits, tap Clear > Clear Recommendations. And if you want to clear both your history and recommendations, tap Clear > Clear All.

Only stories in the Saved tab are available for offline reading.

Get notifications for news stories

To turn on notifications about breaking news and other important stories for channels that you follow, go to Following and tap the gray notifications icon  next to a channel's name. If the notifications icon is blue , tap it to turn off notifications for that channel.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, tap Manage Notifications, then scroll to the More Channels section to turn on or off notifications for channels that you don't follow.

Learn more about notifications on your iOS device.

Report an issue

If a story is in the wrong section, doesn't display correctly, or contains offensive language or content, you can report it. In the story, tap  , swipe left on the bottom row, then tap "Report a Concern." 

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