macOS High Sierra

Use VoiceOver gestures

If you have a trackpad and the Trackpad Commander is enabled, you can use VoiceOver gestures to navigate and interact with items on the screen.

To enable the Trackpad Commander, hold down the VoiceOver modifier and rotate two fingers clockwise anywhere on the trackpad. To disable it, hold down the VoiceOver modifier and rotate two fingers counterclockwise.

  • VoiceOver includes standard gestures for navigating and interacting with items on the screen. You can’t change these gestures.

    VoiceOver standard gestures

  • You can customize other gestures by assigning VoiceOver commands to them.

    Assign VoiceOver commands to gestures

  • You can use a rotor to navigate text areas, windows, dialogs, and webpages, and adjust controls such as sliders, steppers, and splitters.

    Use the gestures rotor

  • If you don’t know your location on the screen, tap three times. VoiceOver tells you what’s in the VoiceOver cursor.

  • When you drag a finger and you hear something you want to select, keep your finger on the trackpad and use a second finger to tap. This gesture is called a “split-tap.”

When you use VoiceOver gestures, you can’t use the mouse button on the trackpad, unless the mouse button is used with a modifier key, as in Control-click.