macOS High Sierra

Navigate using the Tab key

macOS includes full keyboard access, which lets you use the Tab and arrow keys to move the keyboard focus to text boxes, lists, radio buttons, checkboxes, and other controls.

When you turn VoiceOver on, the Full Keyboard Access setting in the Shortcuts pane of Keyboard preferences automatically switches to “All controls.” When you turn VoiceOver off, the setting switches to “Text boxes and lists only.” To change the setting at any time, press Control-F7.

When you use the Tab key to navigate while VoiceOver is on, keep these points in mind:

  • To navigate in reverse, press Shift-Tab.

  • When the VoiceOver cursor lands on an item, you immediately interact with the item (you don’t need to enter a command). To turn off this automatic interaction of the Tab key, open VoiceOver Utility (press VO-F8 when VoiceOver is on), navigate to the Navigation category, then deselect “Automatically interact when using tab key.”

    Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.