Mac OS X 10.6: If you need to install Rosetta

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
If you need to install Rosetta

Normally, applications intended for Mac computers based on PowerPC processors don’t work on Macs based on Intel processors. But if you install Rosetta, you can use applications intended for PowerPC-based Macs.

To install Rosetta, follow one of the procedures below.

If your computer is connected to the Internet:

Click the Install button in the Rosetta dialog. Rosetta will be downloaded and installed for you.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet:

  1. Insert the Mac OS X installation disc that came with your computer or with your Mac OS X retail package.

  2. Note:If you want to use the optical drive from another computer on your network use DVD or CD Sharing. For more information, see:

    Using another computer’s DVD or CD drive
  3. Double-click the Optional Installs folder, and then double-click the Optional Installs package.

    A package has an icon that looks like an open box.

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions. Select the disk where you want to install Rosetta and click Continue.

  5. Select the checkbox next to Rosetta, click Continue, and then click Install.

After you install Rosetta, you don’t need to do anything else. Rosetta works behind the scenes to enable PowerPC applications to run smoothly on your computer.

Published Date: Aug 6, 2013