iPhoto for iOS (iPad): Delete photos from iPhoto

Delete photos from iPhoto

iPhoto uses the photos and video clips that are stored in the Photos app on your device. If you delete a photo from the Photos app on your device, the photo is deleted in iPhoto (unless the photo has been edited, captioned, tagged as a favorite, or used in a web journal, slideshow, or photo book).

You can also delete any photos you took with your device, and any photos you imported using the iPad Camera Connection Kit, directly from the Camera Roll album in iPhoto. You can't delete photos from iPhoto or the Photos app if you synced them to your device using iTunes.

You can also hide a photo, so it remains in the Photos app, but doesn’t appear in iPhoto.

Delete photos

Depending on how your photos and video clips were added to iPhoto, do one of the following:

Photos and video clips taken with your device: In iPhoto, tap Albums, tap Camera Roll, tap to select the photos, tap Gear (Action) button, tap Delete Photo, and tap Delete. The photos are deleted from both iPhoto and your device.

Photos and video clips you synced to your computer using iTunes: Connect your device to your computer and, in iTunes, deselect the photos and video clips you want to remove from your device. Click Apply.

Photos in the Beamed, Photo Box, iTunes, or [App] album: Tap a photo, tap Gear (Action) button (tap Edit if you don’t see the tool), tap Delete Photo, and tap Delete.

Published Date: Oct 25, 2013
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