Apple Support Search Tips

The best ways to find answers to your support questions

These steps can improve your search results:

  1. Make sure the Support tab is highlighted on the Apple toolbar before you type a keyword or search phrase. This will filter out other parts of the Apple site and focus on support topics. 

    Search by task and product name. For example, search for extend battery iPhone, or back up MacBook. 

    Note: To get product information, select the Apple  tab on the toolbar. To search the Apple Online Store, use the Store tab.
  2. Use the suggested search phrases that appear as soon as you begin typing in the Search field.

Select a search phrase and press Enter.

A list of suggested search phrases.

You’ll see the top search results. The search icons help you differentiate between resources such as documents, videos, or discussion forums.

The search icons help you differentiate between resources.

Beneath the "Suggested Searches,” you may also see Quick Links to discussion forums, downloads, and other information.

A list of Quick Links can guide you to helpful areas in the support site.

The Search interface

Toggle between the List and Grid views by clicking the icons next to the Search button to view your results. The Grid view displays your search results by icon (for example, a discussion forum or a document) and the List view displays them by name, in order of relevance.

The List and Grid view icons.

Click the Filter button to refine your search by product category.

The Filter button

You can also filter for less-recent material. For example, if you have questions about a very old product or version of Mac OS, click the Include archived content checkbox.

Select a product icon and click the checkbox to include older content.

Precision searching

When you search for topics in Apple Support, you can:

  • Type upper or lowercase keywords (search is not case-specific)
  • Wrap quotation marks around specific phrases to fine-tune your results
  • Construct queries with AND, OR, and NOT to get precise results

The following chart illustrates the different results you might get if you use search queries with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) or use quotation marks.

Search query

Results include

iPod AND batteries

all documents that have both the word “iPod” and the word “batteries” in them

iPod OR batteries all documents that have either the word “iPod” or the word “batteries”
MacBook NOT batteries only documents that have the word “MacBook” but not the word “batteries”
”how to upgrade” only documents that contain the exact phrase “how to upgrade”
Last Modified: Apr 3, 2014