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Time Capsule and AirPort Base Station Firmware Update 7.4.2

The Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n* Firmware 7.4.2 update provides several fixes, including:

  • Fixes some problems with extending and maintaining connectivity with extended networks
  • Fixes an issue with clients that enable 802.11 "Power Save"
  • Fixes connectivity issues with some third-party devices
  • Fixes an issue when the base station is configured for PPPoE
  • Fixes some Back To My Mac issues with connectivity and support for third-party routers


It is recommended that AirPort Utility 5.4.2 or later be installed before upgrading to Firmware version 7.4.2.

 AirPort Utility Update 5.4.2

AirPort Utility 5.4.2 (Windows) can be obtained via an automatic software update or as a manual download from

AirPort Utility Update 5.4.2 (Windows)


For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website: Apple Security Updates

Based on a draft of the IEEE 802.11n specification.



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