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iTunes 10.7

iTunes 10.7 adds support for iOS 6 running on compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.  This update also adds support for the latest iPod nano and iPod shuffle models.


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Download iTunes 10.6.3 for PPC here: iTunes 10.6.3


Download iTunes 10.7 for Windows here: iTunes 10.7 for Windows

iTunes 10.7 for OS X
SHA1: 0ff7c404f87122f89d49ed6c411b3692f1016e0a
iTunes 10.7 for Windows 
SHA1: 499c39aad4a05c76286e3159f4e1e081dab8fe86

iTunes 10.7 for Windows 64:  

SHA1: c632854371097edbf3d831f7f2d449297d9f988e


File Size: OS X (157.33 MB ) Windows (74.91 MB) Windows64 (76.79 MB)

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