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Mac OS ROM Update 1.0: Document and Software

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This article contains the About Mac OS ROM Update 1.0 document and a link to the Mac OS ROM Update 1.0 software.

Based on customer and developer feedback, Apple has made improvements to its software for the iMac, Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White), and PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze keyboard) customers. The Mac OS ROM Update 1.0 replaces the Mac OS ROM version 1.4 with version 1.6, which includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where after startup the keyboard/mouse does not respond when a mouse is attached to the top USB port and a keyboard attached to the bottom USB port.
  • A possible crash on the PowerBook G3 when removing an attached USB keyboard at the same time as putting the unit to sleep.
  • Hot swapping a media bay device into a bronze keyboard PowerBook G3 would not always recognize the device.
  • Using the Target Disk Mode feature on the bronze keyboard PowerBook G3, a user can only use the SCSI ID setting of 2.

Who needs the Mac OS ROM Update?

Apple recommends that every iMac, Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White), and PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze keyboard) customer install this update.

Before you install:

  • Your iMac, Power Macintosh G3 or PowerBook G3 must have Mac OS 8.6.
  • If you are using software that runs in the background, such as virus-protection or security software, turn it off before you install Mac OS ROM Update 1.0.


Installing this upgrade will not affect files stored on your hard disk. However, it is highly recommended that you back up the data on your computer before installing this update. Apple is not responsible for any lost data.

Installing the Mac OS ROM update:

  1. Double-click the Mac OS ROM Update file to open it. A Mac OS ROM Update icon appears on the Desktop. Note: If there was a problem downloading the file, an error message appears. Try downloading the file again.
  2. Double-click the Mac OS ROM Update icon to open the folder.
  3. Double-click the Installer icon and follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. When a message appears saying installation was successful, click OK. Your computer will restart.

After you install

If you perform a clean installation of Mac OS 8.6 after you've installed Mac OS ROM Update 1.0, the updated MacOS ROM file 1.6 may be replaced with an older version and you may need to reinstall this update.

To see if you need to reinstall the Mac OS ROM Update, open the Apple menu and choose Apple System Profiler. Under the System Profile tab, locate "Production Information" at the bottom of the window. Click the triangle to open the Production Information contents if it is not already open. The "MacOS ROM file version" should be 1.6 or later. If it is not, follow the instructions for "Installing the Update" above.

For further information, please point your web browser to:

Writers Notes

When connecting a keyboard and mouse via USB, Apple recommends connecting the mouse to the keyboard, and the keyboard to the computer.

Mac OS ROM version 1.6 is already installed on most PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze keyboard) computers. Check the version number of the Mac OS ROM file to determine whether this update may be required.

NetBoot client images should also be updated to version 1.6 of the Mac OS ROM. For instructions on updating the NetBoot client image, refer to the following article:

Earlier versions of this software may be available at

For help with downloading, see Software downloads: Formats and common error messages.

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