Apple IIGS: System 6.0 Software and HyperCard IIGS 1.1

This article describes Apple IIGS System 6.0 software and an upgraded
version of HyperCard IIGS.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Apple IIGS System 6 software offers an enhanced user interface, greater
speed and performance, and data exchange capabilities not available on
previous Apple IIGS operating systems. HyperCard IIGS version 1.1 has been
upgraded to include a Media Control stack for operating CD ROMs and
videodisc players, and new HyperTalk scripting capabilities. As with
original HyperCard IIGS, version 1.1 is also in color.

Apple IIGS System 6 provides similar ease-of-use and functionality now
available with the System 7 Finder for the Macintosh.

Features and Benefits of Apple IIGS System 6
- Three New File System Translators
These provide easy access to Macintosh disks, Pascal disks, and Apple II
DOS 3.3 disks

- Control Panel and Desk Accessory Enhancements
You can open control panels directly from the desktop. The software
incorporates Find File and Calculator desk accessories.

- Finder Help
You can access Finder Help through pop-up menus and keep it on screen
while stepping through procedures.

- Enhanced Window Handling and Window Appearance
It's easier to move between and manage multiple windows on a single

- Two New Applications: Teach and Archiver
Teach is a desktop text processor that enables you to jot down
notes, read disk files, and create formatted or unformatted text
documents. Teach also provides file import capability from ASCII,
AppleWorks version 3.0, AppleWorks GS, MacWrite version 5.0 formats,
and AppleWriter. Archiver offers flexible hard disk backup functions
to save and restore either individual files or entire volumes.

- Media Control Toolset
This is a new tool/driver/control panel/desk accessory combination that
allows you to integrate, configure, and manage highly sophisticated
multimedia effects. Use it in conjunction with HyperCard IIGS version
1.1 to optimize the toolset's performance.

- The Universal Access Suite
This suite (also available on Macintosh System 7 software) opens the
Apple IIGS to disabled users via Video Keyboard, Easy Access, and
Closeview programs.

- As with the System 5 series, Apple IIGS System 6 users can network
their Apple IIGS computers with each other and with Apple IIe,
Macintosh, and MS-DOS computers. However, System 6 improves
networking functionality via EasyMount, a new feature that allows
users to mount a network server with a simple double-click command.

- Apple IIGS System 6 replaces Apple IIGS System 5.0.4 for the stand-
alone Apple IIGS, providing a consistent graphical interface and high
performance for both the individual and networked user.

Speed and Feature Enhancements for HyperCard IIGS 1.1
- Media Control Stack
This allows control of external media devices such as laserdisc players
and CD-ROM drives from within the stack. A common interface to two
external devices provides control, using standard buttons or floating
control panels for "Play," "Fast Fwd," and so on.

- Tune Builder Stack
This allows you to create short original tunes by simply clicking the
mouse on the stack's music staff. You can play notes in variable time,
and with the voices of a large collection of instruments. You can use
these tunes as enhancements to other original stacks by cutting and

- Features from Macintosh HyperCard Versions 2.0 and 2.1
- HyperTalk extensions
- X Windows

- The Apple IIGS SuperDrive Controller Card
Available for the enhanced Apple IIe and Apple IIGS, this allows users to
use Apple's SuperDrive, which permits the use of 1.4MB floppy disks. The
SuperDrive card also operates all other Apple II 3.5 disk drives.

System Requirements
- Apple IIGS personal computer with at least 1MB of RAM, ROM version 01 or
03 and one 3.5-inch disk drive, although configurations of 2MB of RAM and
a hard drive is recommended for optimal performance.

- Networked systems require Apple IIGS computers with at least 768K RAM,
ROM version 01 or 03, and appropriate LocalTalk cables.

- HyperCard IIGS version 1.1 requires an Apple IIGS personal computer
with 1.5MB RAM, one 800K disk drive and hard disk or connection to a
networked environment, and system software 5.0.3 or subsequent

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012