PowerBook & Macintosh Classic II: No Support for System 6

Does system software version 6.0.7 work on the Macintosh Classic II and the Macintosh PowerBook? If not, why not?

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The Macintosh PowerBook models and the Macintosh Classic II DON'T SUPPORT system software version 6.0.7 or version 6.0.8.

The software may work on the Macintosh PowerBook 100, but the backlit screen support, battery DA, and Low Power Dialogs won't work. The PowerBook 140 and 170 don't support System 6.0.x due to the newer ROM and other modifications in those systems.

The Macintosh Classic II has a different processor, and applications may have problems due to the different processor. You may not be able to install or start up with version 6.0.7 or 6.0.8 on the Macintosh Classic II.

Apple Computer won't answer questions based on problems associated with
running system software versions 6.0.7 or 6.0.8 on any of these computers.

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Published Date: Feb 18, 2012