80-Column Text Cards: Apple II & II Plus Compatibility (11/96)

Does the Extended 80-column card work in the Apple II or Apple II Plus? If not, is there any way to upgrade an Apple II or Apple II Plus to 80-Column?

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

The 80-Column Card and Extended 80-Column Card work only in the Apple IIe; they cannot be used in any other computer.

Our databases do not show an 80-column interface for the Apple II or Apple II Plus. There were once several on the market, but the demand for this type of card has almost disappeared. You might still be able to find these 80-column cards through some of the computer remarketing companies, or where use computer equipment is sold.

An alternative is to purchase an Apple IIe or Apple IIGS computer. You need to to contact computer remarketing companies, or look where use computer equipment is sold.

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