Macintosh: Typesetting with TeleTypesetting‘s MicroSetter

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

MicroSetter, from the TeleTypesetting Company, converts Macintosh documents
into a form acceptable to Varityper typesetting machines. The product
includes the MicroSetter desk accessory, cables, conversion software, and
connectivity software.

MicroSetter can connect to both digital and non-digital Varitypers. In the
case of digital Varitypers, a "ruling" option lets the user typeset rules,
boxes, and graphics from MacPaint-type applications.

MicroSetter can handle documents created by Ready,Set,Go, Page Maker,
Microsoft Word, MacWrite, and MacDraw. (Graphics from Quark XPress and
Cricket Draw are not compatible with MicroSetter.)

The MicroSetter desk accessory is used in two ways:
- to convert a document to Varityper format,
- then to send the document to the Varityper.

The Varityper can't generate all the text and graphics that the Macintosh
can. A non-digital Varityper can do text only. And a digital Varityper can't
do screen fill patterns, rotated type, circles, or arcs (but with the
"ruling" option can handle text, bit-mapped graphics, lines, and boxes).

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012