Macintosh Portable: External Video Adapter Canceled (6/96)

Whatever happened to the promised Macintosh Portable video adapter?

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In September of 1989, when Apple introduced the Macintosh Portable, Apple

announced they intended to ship a video adapter which would let users take

advantage of external displays.

Since that time, a variety of developers have introduced products which

provide the external video functionality customers require. For that

reason, Apple decided not to offer a video adapter.

Customers in need of external video support have a wide range of products

to choose from, including:

Sayett Technology's DataShow, an overhead viewplate that connects

directly to the Portable's Video Out port

Aura System's ScuzzyGraph II, which enables customers to use the

Macintosh Portable with a color monitor

Generation Systems' Portable Publisher, which lets Portable users take

advantage of the Apple High Resolution Monochrome Monitor, Portrait

Display, and Two-Page Display.

The above is a sample of the products and capabilities currently available

to Macintosh Portable customers, and we anticipate other third-party video

product announcements.

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Published Date: Feb 20, 2012