About the Do not disconnect and OK to disconnect screens for iPod

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Learn about the disconnect screens that are part of iPod software.

iPod has two disconnect screens. They let you know when it is safe to unplug iPod from your computer's USB or FireWire port. Incorrectly disconnecting iPod while it is in use can damage data on iPod, or the computer's hard disk.

The first screen appears when you connect iPod to the computer.

"Do not disconnect" screen.

As long as iPod is connected to the computer, and you have not ejected it from the Finder or iTunes, the "Do not disconnect" screen appears.

To disconnect iPod from your computer, you must first eject it. Follow the instructions in "Disconnecting iPod from your computer". Once you have ejected iPod, the second disconnect screen appears.

"OK to disconnect" screen

You may now safely unplug the FireWire or USB cable from iPod.

  1. When you first connect iPod to your computer, the "OK to disconnect" screen may briefly appear until the computer recognizes iPod is connected. This is normal.
  2. These screens do not appear if your computer is in sleep mode. Wake your computer before disconnecting iPod.
  3. These screens do not appear if iPod is connected to the Apple iPod Power Adapter. You may disconnect iPod from the Apple iPod Power Adapter at any time.

If your iPod displays this message but is not connected to a computer, or another device such as iPod Camera Connector, reset it to remove it from disk mode.

To avoid this behavior in the future, make sure that you safely disconnect your iPod prior to disconnecting it from your computer.

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012