iTunes 2: How to Burn an MP3 CD

With iTunes 2, you can burn and read MP3 Audio CDs.
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About MP3 CDs

Using iTunes 2.0 or later, you can burn a disc as an MP3 CD. MP3 CDs can hold 150 songs (about 10 hours of music) on a single CD-R disc. Typical audio CDs can only hold about 15 songs, or 74 to 80 minutes of music. (MP3 CDs hold more songs because the songs are compressed.)

You can play MP3 CDs on other computers and on consumer CD players that are compatible with the MP3 CD format.

How to burn an MP3 CD

iTunes 2 automatically gives you the option to create an MP3 CD whenever you burn a playlist that exceeds the length of a standard audio CD (74 or 80 minutes, depending on the CD-R type.)

Follow these steps to set up iTunes 2 to always burn MP3 CDs:
    1. Choose Preferences from the iTunes menu (Mac OS X) or Edit menu (Mac OS 9).
    2. Click the CD Burning tab.
    3. Click MP3 CD to enable that option.

Note: An MP3 CD will only appear in iTunes' Source list if it was created with iTunes 2. MP3 CDs created with another application or device will not appear in the Source list, but will appear on the desktop as a data disc.

Additional information

To learn how to set the play order of songs on an MP3 CD, see technical document 60931 "iTunes 2: How to Set the Play Order of Songs on an MP3 CD".
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012