Mac OS 9: What‘s New - Notification Manager Alerts

The Notification Manager is a part of the system software that Apple and non-Apple programs use to notify users of some kinds of events. One way to notify users is by using an alert box. Mac OS 9 uses different alert boxes than previous versions of the Mac OS.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Starting with Mac OS 9, Notification Manager alerts look and act a little differently than under previous versions of the Mac OS. The new alerts are modeless, so the computer keeps working whether or not you dismiss the dialog. Also, the alerts are smaller, rectangular and have a yellow background. The window has a close box and collapse bar instead of an OK button.

Figure 1, Mac OS 9 Notification Manager alert

Wherever you reposition the alert window, that's where it will show up again the next time you get an alert.

Multiple notification windows will not show up at the same time. You have to dismiss the first notification to get the next notification in line. For example, if you disconnect and then reconnect your AppleTalk connection, you will first get an alert that your connection was
disconnected, then once you close that window, you'll get the subsequent notification that it is now available.

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012