Mac OS X Server 1.x: Description

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Mac OS X Server 1.x

The powerful Internet and workgroup server.

Mac OS X Server 1.x software combines outstanding performance and robustness, the renowned Macintosh ease of use, and innovative services for the Internet and workgroups--all for one great price.

Mac OS X Server 1.x uses the same modern foundation that will power Mac OS X. Based on Mach 2.5 and BSD 4.4, this operating system is incredibly stable and scalable. It includes systemwide protected memory for crash-resistant computing, and full preemptive multitasking so that a single service can't monopolize the processor.

Two industry-leading Internet services--Apache and WebObjects developer tools--are included with Mac OS X Server 1.x. Apache is the world's most popular server for reliably delivering both static and dynamically generated HTML pages. Apache can be scaled from a workgroup Web server to a complex Internet site hosting multiple domains. Apple's standard implementation of Apache is fully integrated with Mac OS X Server 1.x, and the server software itself has been optimized to work with Apache.

WebObjects software is the most flexible and scalable way to develop and deploy network applications for viewing from any Web browser. It's a proven, industry-leading technology that currently runs thousands of mission-critical applications around the world. Included with Mac OS X Server 1.x are the WebObjects developer tools, which let you create your own WebObjects applications.

In addition to providing powerful Internet services, Mac OS X Server 1.x introduces a whole new way to manage your Macintosh workgroups. Apple's exciting NetBoot software enables a network of Macintosh computers to run from the same shared System Folder and applications volume stored on the NetBoot server. Just update the NetBoot server, and all the other computers have instant access to the new configuration.

Mac OS X Server 1.x also includes highly scalable file services capable of supporting thousands of open files, connecting to more than a thousand concurrent users, and pushing hundreds of megabits per second across the network.

Mac OS X Server 1.x: Powerful software for Internet services and Macintosh workgroups.

Key Features

Robust core operating system
  • Kernel based on Mach 2.5 and BSD 4.4
  • Protected memory
  • Preemptive multitasking
  • Native support for 100% Pure Java (JDK 1.1.6)

Industry-leading web server

  • Standard implementation of Apache 1.3.4
  • Optimized for fastest Apache performance
  • Fully integrated single-button setup

Powerful application server

  • WebObjects 4.0.1, the industry leader for developing and deploying flexible, scalable network applications
  • 50-transaction-per-minute license
  • Full suite of WebObjects development tools

Simple Macintosh workgroup management

  • Apple's new NetBoot technology for managing Macintosh systems on a network
  • Macintosh Management server software gives users secure access to their personal desktops, files, and applications from any Macintosh on the network
  • NetBoot Desktop Admin software makes managing a network of Macintosh computers as easy as managing a single Macintosh

Scalable file services

  • File services comparable to those in AppleShare IP
  • Support for more than 4,000 open files per process and more than 1,000 simultaneous connections
  • User and group information stored in NetInfo, a distributed network database
  • Support for importing user information from AppleShare IP servers
  • Ability to export the Apache documents directory to AppleShare clients
  • Web-based Remote Administration tool for monitoring and changing server status, user and group lists, and mountable volumes
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012