Mac OS X Server 1.x: Printing With Print Manager

Before you can print to a printer, you must create a local or network printer resource.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Before you can print to a printer, you must create a local or network resource. The Administrator password is required to create new printers.

AppleTalk and TCP/IP printing are supported over Ethernet. LocalTalk printing and serial printing to Apple printers is not supported either from Mac OS X Server or from

Setting up a new printer connection

To set up a printer for use across a network, you create a "local" printer (on your computer) and then "export" it (make it available on the network) using the PrintManager application.

To create a new local printer, do the following:
    1. Open the Print Manager application from the Apple menu.
    2. Cick the Create... button in the printers window.
    3. Make sure the appropriate communications driver is selected (AppleTalk, TCP/IP). Parallel is not supported.
    4. Type in information. For AppleTalk printers, you can also click the Set... button and choose the printer and AppleTalk zone. For TCP/IP printing, choose LPR. You'll also need to enter the remote host (the name of the print server the printer is connected to) and the name of the queue. If there is no remote host, enter the printer's remote name.
    5. Give the printer a local name.
    6. Choose the PostScript printer description (PPD) file for your brand and model of printer.

To export a printer:
    1. Open the Apple menu and choose PrintManager.
    2. Click the Local tab.
    3. Select the name of the printer you want to export and click Edit.
    4. Enter the remote name for the printer.
    5. Under Export, click Add.
    6. Select the domain to export to and click Save.
    7. Open the Apple menu, choose Computer Settings, then choose Network.
    8. Click the Services tab, then click "Enable remote printing."

Print Services

Can I set up an AppleTalk-type (PAP) print server/spooler?

Apple does not include such a capability in Mac OS X Server 1.x. Third-party applications that provide spooler services are available.

For more help with printing, choose "Help" from the Help menu in the Workspace Manager and click on the "Printing" topic.
Last Modified: Feb 18, 2012

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