Apple IIe Card Software v2.1 for Macintosh LC

This information was provided by Claris Corporation on 16 March 1998, and incorporated into Apple Computer's Tech Info Library.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Apple IIe Card Software v2.1 for Macintosh LC

A new version of the Apple Ike Card Software (version 2.1) for the Macintosh LC is now available. This new software works when using System Software 6.0.8 or System 7.0.1, a feature not available in the previous Apple Ike Card software (v 2.0). The new Macintosh LC II requires this version of the software when using the Apple Ike Card. The application may be used, but is not required, with the original Macintosh LC.

This new software should be installed by AESCs for Ike cards in K-12 institutions. However, manuals are not included in this update and can be purchased as noted below.

How to Purchase Apple Ike Card Software, version 2.1:

The Apple Ike Card Upgrade package, version 2.1, is available now (Part number M1222LL/B ) and includes software and a new manual. The Upgrade comes with a start-up disk with System Software 6.0.8 that can be used to boot your Macintosh and to run the Apple IIe , version 2.1 software.

We recommend customers upgrade to version 2.1 only if they need the new features provided. Customers who need the new software may obtain the upgrade package from an Authorized Apple Reseller.

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012