Claris CAD: Inaccuracies and Drawing Issues with Arcs

This information was provided by Claris Corporation on 16 March 1998, and incorporated into Apple Computer's Tech Info Library.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
In Claris CAD 2.0v3 and earlier, some arcs can contain errors, or inaccuracies. The issue can occur whenever the arc has a fractional starting angle, ending angle, or included angle. (If the start and end angles are integers, the included angle will also be an integer.) Midrange arcs usually are correct; the issue is mostly associated with exceptionally large, or exceptionally small arcs.

Apparently, QuickDraw can handle the arcs with integral included angles, and cannot deal with the fractional ones. When a fractional one must be used, we employ different routines, which can behave differently than the QuickDraw routines. (We in fact attach a small line to the end of the arc to attain the fractional adjustment.)

To eliminate the issue, set the starting angle, ending angle, and included angle to integral values. To do this you would:

1. Select the arc then select ""Show Info"" from the Layout.
2. Round the start angle in Show Info to the nearest whole number.
3. Round the end angle to the nearest whole number.

Note: The issue is also solved by exporting the file as EPSF format.
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012