A/UX: Development Tools

This article lists tools Apple recommends for development for UNIX systems (not necessarily A/UX). This list was originally published for A/UX 1.0 but is still relevant for subsequent releases.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Under A/UX, the development tools can be summarized in the following categories:

1.  Programming languages (compilers and interpreters)

   -  cc (1)  - The C compiler.
   -  f77 (1) - The FORTRAN 77 compiler.
   -  efl (1) - The Extended FORTRAN language.
   -  cpp (1) - The C language preprocessor.
   -  bs (1)  - A compiler/interpreter for modest-sized programs.
   -  sno (1) - The SNOBOL interpreter.

2.  The Software Generation System (SGS) is a group of programs that
   recognizes a standard binary executable format known as Common Object
   File Format (COFF).

   -  as (1)     - Assembler.
   -  dis (1)    - Disassembler.
   -  ADB (1)    - Debugger.
   -  sdb (1)    - Symbolic debugger.
   -  ar (1)     - Library archiver.
   -  ld (1)     - Linkage Editor.
   -  prof (1)   - Profiler.
   -  nm (1)     - Display symbol table of common object file.
   -  strip (1)  - Strip symbol and line number from object files.
   -  ctrace (1) - C tracing utility.

3.  The Source Code Control System, sccs(1), helps software developers

   control changes to source code and other text files.

4.  A program maintenance utility, make (1), is a utility through which
   system developers define the dependencies among the components of a
   software system and specify the processing that should take place when
   one or more components change.

5.  Terminal-independent I/O, curses (3X), lets programmers write programs
   that read from and write to terminals without concern for the
   specific type or brand of terminal.  The curses routines can use either
   a database called "terminfo" or a database called "termcap" that
   contains a description of control sequences for various types of

6.  Other program development tools include:

   -  awk (1)  - A pattern scanning and processing language.
   -  yacc (1) - Yet another compiler-compiler, is a compiler-writing
                 tool that uses a BNF-like specification to generate a
                 language parser.
   -  lex (1)  - A program that uses a set of user-defined regular

                 expression to generate a lexical analyzer that will
                 analyze the tokens in the input stream.
   -  lint (1) - A C program syntax checker.
   -  cb (1)   - A C program formatter.

7.  Text processing tools

   -  Text editors

      -  ed (1)  - A simple, interactive line editor.
      -  ex (1) and vi (1) - a text-editing family composed of a line
                             editor and full-screen editor.
      -  sed (1) - A stream editor that transforms text based upon a
                   command script usually stored in a file.

   -  Documentaries Workbench (DWB)

      -  nroff (1) - Format text for output to terminals and line
      -  troff (1) - Device-independent text formatter for
      -  psdit (1) - Convert troff intermediate format to PostScript
      -  tbl (1)   - Format text into tables.
      -  pic (1)   - Format simple line drawings.

      -  eqn (1), neqn (1), checkeq (1) - Format and check command syntax
                                          of mathematical equations.
      -  man (1) - Format text into UNIX-style manual entries.

   -  Other text-processing utilities.

      -  spell (1) - A spelling checker.
      -  grep (1)  - A program that searches for strings or regular
                     expressions within files.
      -  diff (1)  - A program that reports the differences between two
These are all included free with the A/UX software package.  Other companies may charge extra.

For a complete list of A/UX commands and detailed information, please refer to "A/UX Command References (A - L)", "A/UX Command Reference (M - Z)", and "A/UX Programmer's Reference".

Aside from the list above, third parties below have some development products available for A/UX.  For more details, search the Tech Info Library under the company named.

Product name                          Company name        

============                          ============        
ADA Compiler for A/UX                 Alsys
Allegro CL, an extended common LISP   Franz Inc.
Data Access Language (DAL),           ITI
  formerly known as "CL/1.",
  a connectivity language              
Designer C++                          Oasys, Inc.
NEXPERT OBJECT, an expert system      Neuron Data
NKR FORTRAN                           PenWare, Inc.
Optimizing C                          Unisoft Corp.
Optimizing FORTRAN                    Unisoft Corp.
Optimizing Pascal                     Unisoft Corp.
RAT FORTRAN                           Absoft              
RM/COBOL-85 for A/UX                  Unisoft Corp.
S-Plus                                Statistical Science

Editor's Note: As of 20 Dec 1999, many of the products mentioned in this article are no longer available. Most of the companies are still producing compilers for other operating systems, so you should check with the companies to determine what products are still available.
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012