MPW Version 3.0: General Information

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW) 3.0 is available through the Apple
Programmer's and Developer's Association (APDA).

MPW 3.0 features a new debugging tool, Symbolic Application Debugging
Environment (SADE), and a project management system called "Projector".

SADE is an interactive debugger that works either at the processor or
symbolic program source level. Projector is a collection of built-in MPW
commands and windows that manages changes to all files (source, documentation,
etc.) associated with a software project.

An Installer disk is included for installing MPW 3.0 from a set of diskettes.

(NOTE: The file configuration on these diskettes is different from previous
releases. There are now duplicate folder names across the set of diskettes.
Thus, dragging folders on to the hard disk from the diskettes may result in
name conflicts.)

MPW 3.0 requires, at minimum, a Macintosh Plus, hard disk, and 2MB of
RAM. The minimum System files required are found on System file version 6.0.2
or later. SADE requires MultiFinder and at least 2.5MB of RAM. (The
recommended system configuration is a Macintosh II with 4MB or more of
memory and an 80MB SCSI hard disk drive.)

MPW v3.0 contains current releases of the language products (MPW Assembler
3.0, MPW C 3.0, and MPW Pascal 3.0) have also been introduced. MPW C 3.0 is
a completely new C compiler. It is largely compatible with MPW version 2.0,
but there are some changes to the language, compiler options, new files, and
Standard C Library and Macintosh Interface, which require modification of MPW
2.0 source code.

A script utility called CCvt is also provided to help convert MPW 2.0 source
code headers and standards for functions using strings or points to the
MPW 3.0 convention.

For more information, search under: "APDA"

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012