Compugraphic-to-Macintosh Solutions

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

There is a relatively easy way to put Macintosh documents through a
Compugraphic typesetting machine. TeleTypesetting Company has a product
called "MicroSetter II" that works with the Compugraphic MCS 8000, 8400,
and 8600 typesetters. Basically, it is a Chooser-selectable printer
driver. The Compugraphic typesetter and the Macintosh connect via serial

Most Macintosh applications (including PageMaker, XPress, MacDraw,
MacWrite, Microsoft Word, and many more) work with MicroSetter II.

Another solution is a Compugraphic product -- "CG Script" -- a
hardware/software package that accepts PostScript files from any Macintosh
for direct output on a Compugraphic MCS 8000, 8400, CG 9600 or 9700
typesetting unit.

For more details, search the Tech Info Library for "TeleTypesetting
Company" and/or "Compugraphic".

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012