Macintosh: Printing to a PostScript Printer Through IrDA

With the release of LaserWriter printer driver version 8.6, printing over the IrDA communication channel is possible.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
First verify your computer supports IrDA by reviewing Article 20928: "Macintosh Infrared: Is It IrDA Compatible?".

If your computer is equipped with infrared technology that uses the IrDA protocol, you can establish a wireless TCP/IP or AppleTalk connection to a network using an IrDA network access device, or exchange files with another IrDA equipped computer.

Depending on the type of network protocol that you are going to use, choose Infrared Port (IrDA) from the Connect via pop-up menu in either the AppleTalk control panel or TCP/IP control panel.

LaserWriter driver, version 8.6,provides IrDA printing capabilities to Macintosh computers having IrDA ports, such as the PowerBook G3 and PowerBook G3 Series, PowerBooks 2400 and 3400, iMac, and so on, for printing to PostScript printers having IrDA ports.

This includes the HP LaserJet 5MP and HP LaserJet 6MP, as well other 100% compatible IrDA printers.

LaserWriter 8.6 is included with Mac OS 8.5.
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012