iPhone: Safari Basic Features

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Safari lets you see web pages just as they were designed to be seen in computer-based browsers. A simple double-tap lets you zoom in or rotate iPhone sideways for a wider view, go here to learn more. Search using Google or Yahoo! — both are built-in.


Navigating Webpages

Tap the address field at the top of the screen, type the web address — apple.com or www.google.com, for example — and tap Go. If you don't see the address field, tap the status bar at the top of the screen.

As you type, any web address in your bookmarks or history list that contains those letters appears below. Tap a web address to go to its webpage.

To erase all the text in the address field

Tap the address field, then tap .

To follow a link on a webpage

Tap the link.

Text links are typically underlined in blue. Many images also have links. A link can take you to another place on the web, open a map, call a phone number, or open a new preaddressed email.

Email, phone number, and address links open Mail, Phone, or Maps on iPhone. To return to Safari, press the Home button and tap Safari.

If a link leads to a sound or movie file supported by iPhone, Safari plays the sound or movie.

See the link's destination address Touch and hold the link. The address pops up next to your finger. You can touch and hold an image to check whether it has a link.
Stop a page from loading if you change your mind Tap .
Reload a webpage Tap .
Return to the previous or next webpage Tap or in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
Return to any of the last several webpages you've visited Tap and tap History. To clear the history list, tap Clear.
Send a webpage address over email Tap and tap "Mail Link to this Page." You must have an email account set up on iPhone.


Opening Multiple Pages at Once

You can have more than one webpage open at a time. Some links automatically open a new page instead of replacing the current one.

The number inside the pages icon at the bottom of the screen shows how many pages are open. If there's no number inside, just one page is open.


    For example:
    means one page is open.
    means three pages are open.


To open a new page

Tap and tap New Page.

See all open pages and go to another page that's open

Tap and flick left or right. When you get to the page you want, tap it.

To close a page

Tap and tap . You can't close a page if it's the only one that's open.

Typing in Text Fields

Some webpages have forms or text fields you can enter information in.

Bring up the keyboard

Tap inside a text field.

Move to other text fields on the page

Tap another text field. Or tap the Next or Previous button.

Submit the form

Once you finish filling out the text fields on the page, tap Go or Search. Most pages also have a link you can tap to submit the form.

Dismiss the keyboard without submitting the form

Tap Done.

Adding Safari Web Clips to the Home Screen

You can add Web Clips for your favorite websites to the Home screen for fast access. Web Clips appear as icons, which you can arrange however you want on the Home screen.

Add a Web Clip to the Home screen

Open the page and tap . Then tap “Add to Home Screen.”

Web Clips remember the displayed portion—the zoom level and location—of webpages. When you open a Web Clip, Safari automatically zooms and scrolls to that portion of the webpage again. The displayed portion is also used to create the icon for the Web Clip on the Home screen.

Before you add a Web Clip, you can edit its name. If the name is too long (more than about 10 characters), it may appear abbreviated on the Home screen.

Delete a Web Clip from the Home screen


  1. Touch and hold any Home screen icon until the icons begin to wiggle.
  2. Tap the “x” in the corner of the Web Clip you want to delete.
  3. Tap Delete, then press the Home button to save your arrangement.


Searching the Web

By default, Safari searches using Google. You can set it to search using Yahoo!, instead.

Search for anything on the web

  1. Tap to go to the Google search field.
  2. Type a word or phrase that describes what you're looking for, then tap Google.
  3. Tap a link in the list of search results to open a webpage.

Set Safari to search using Yahoo!

  • From the Home screen choose Settings > Safari > Search Engine, then choose Yahoo!.
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012