iPhone: Using Bookmarks

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You can bookmark webpages, so you can quickly return to them at any time without having to type the address.

To Bookmark a webpage

Open the page and tap . Then tap Add Bookmark.

Before you save a bookmark you can edit its title or choose where to save it. By default, the bookmark is saved in the top-level Bookmarks folder. Tap Bookmarks to choose another folder.

To open a bookmarked webpage

    Tap , then choose a bookmark or tap a folder to see the bookmarks inside.

To edit a bookmark or bookmark folder

    Tap , choose the folder that has the bookmark or folder you want to edit, and tap Edit. Then do one of the following:

    • To make a new folder, tap New Folder.
    • To delete a bookmark or folder, tap next to the bookmark or folder.
    • To reposition a bookmark or folder, drag next to the item you want to move.
    • To edit a bookmark’s or folder’s name or address, or to put it in a different folder, tap the bookmark or folder.
    When you finish, tap Done.

To sync Bookmarks

If you use Safari on the Mac, Safari for Windows, or Internet Explorer on the PC you can sync bookmarks on iPhone with bookmarks on your computer.

Sync bookmarks between iPhone and your computer

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Published Date: Feb 18, 2012