Apple TV Fast Start: The New User‘s Guide for Apple TV (software version 1.x)

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Got a new Apple TV? This handy Fast Start guide will help you install, set up, and teach you how to enjoy your iTunes Store content on your widescreen TV.

Be sure to download the Apple TV Manual.

1) Install the iTunes software first

Before you configure your Apple TV to use with your Mac or PC computer, you must install or upgrade your computer to the latest iTunes software.

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2) Connect and Configure Your Apple TV

Understand what's needed in order to get started and how to connect Apple TV to your widescreen TV. Learn how to configure Apple TV and enjoy your iTunes Store content in your living room.

Show me what I need to get started Show me a guide to Apple TV ports and connectors Show me how to connect the cables Show me how to configure my Apple TV

3) Getting iTunes Content to Your Apple TV

Now that your set up is complete, open iTunes and either automatically sync content from your iTunes library or choose what TV shows, movies, photos, or other content you want to watch. You can stream or manually add content from your iTunes library or playlist to your Apple TV.

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4) Managing Your Apple TV and Apple Remote

Once you've got your TV shows, movies, music, photos, and what have you on your Apple TV, you're good to go. Learn how to enjoy your iTunes Store content and how to ensure that your Apple TV works smoothly with your Apple Remote.

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5) Learn More

Whether you're a Mac or Windows user, the following contains lots of information that will help you enjoy your Apple TV to its fullest.

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Need Help?

Be sure to visit our Apple TV Support pages to learn more about using Apple TV, troubleshooting issues, and getting service and support.

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Published Date: Feb 18, 2012