Apple eMate 300: Memory Upgrade Discussion

I would like to upgrade the memory in my eMate 300. What choices do I have and how do these options affect the System Memory or Storage Memory.
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The eMate 300 includes 3MB of RAM (1MB of DRAM and 2MB of Flash Memory). The eMate uses Flash Memory as Storage Memory and DRAM Memory as System Memory. This memory may be expanded either internally and externally.

When internal DRAM memory is installed, the total amount of DRAM available will equal that on the expansion card. However, when internal flash memory is installed, the storage memory area equals the amount of original internal flash memory plus that on the internal expansion card.

For example, an expansion card with 4 MB of DRAM and 2 MB of flash memory would result in a configuration of 4 MB of DRAM and 4 MB of flash memory. Internal memory cards, such as those available from Newer Technology <>, come in several configurations.

External memory in the form of PC Flash Memory Cards may be used to extend storage memory, providing a larger "area" to save programs and documents. The extending of storage memory occurs in a transparent manner and does not require additional configuration. When a PC Card is used as storage memory, information stored on that card is no longer available to the Newton device if the card is ejected. However, the information will be available to the Newton device when the PC Card is reinserted.

Read Only Memory, or ROM Memory, is an area of internal memory which cannot be changed or expanded. The ROM is used to hold the Newton OS and built-in applications.

Memory configuration information may be viewed by first opening the Extras drawer, then tapping the "i" icon and choosing "Memory Info." The amount of DRAM installed is described as "System RAM Installed." The total amount of Flash Memory installed is the sum of Internal or External: Used + Free.

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Published Date: Feb 18, 2012