Mac OS 8.1: Using Non-Apple CD-ROM Drives

Users of Mac OS-compatible computers may need to create a customized Disk Tool disk for use with Mac OS 8.1. The process is the same with Mac OS 8.0.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

A customized Disk Tools disk is needed only if your Mac OS-compatible computer is using a non-Apple CD-ROM drive. You can check this by looking in the System Folder on your hard disk to see whether your computer is using the Apple CD-ROM extension or a third party CD-ROM extension.

If your Mac OS-compatible computer is using a non-Apple CD-ROM drive, you may not be able to start up your computer using the Mac OS 8.1 CD (or the Mac OS 8.0 CD). You must start up your computer using a customized Disk Tools floppy disk which is capable of reading CD-ROM discs.

Creating The Disk Tools Diskette

Here are the steps for creating a new Disk Tools startup floppy disk for use with your non-Apple CD-ROM drive:
    1. Create a Disk Tools floppy disk from the disk image on the Mac OS 8.1 CD. There are two disk images on the CD--Disk Tools PPC and Disk Tools 1. To start up a PowerPC-based Macintosh from a floppy disk, use the Disk Tools PPC disk image. Otherwise, use the Disk Tools 1 disk image.
    2. Open the System Folder on your newly-created Disk Tools floppy disk and open the Extensions Folder.
    3. If you created a Disk Tools PPC floppy disk: To make room for your third-party CD-ROM driver, you must create room on your floppy disk. Throw away one of the utilities on the floppy disk (Disk First Aid or Drive Setup) and empty the Trash. Proceed to Step 4. If you created a Disk Tools 1 floppy disk: Locate the Apple CD-ROM extension and remove it from the System Folder of your floppy disk. Drag it to the desktop. This will leave the Apple CD-ROM driver available for later use, if needed. You also have the option of deleting the Apple CD-ROM drive.
    4. Locate the existing third party CD-ROM extension(s) (such as FWB Toolkit) in the Extensions folder of your hard drive. This is the CD-ROM driver already in use to allow your computer to read CDs in your non-Apple CD-ROM drive. Copy the extension(s) to the Extensions folder in your Disk Tools floppy disk (the disk you made in step 1).
    5. Restart your computer using the Disk Tools floppy disk with the new CD-ROM driver. Verify that your computer is now properly reading the Mac OS 8.1 CD, or other CDs.
    6. Proceed with your installation of Mac OS 8.1.
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012