Some iPod accessories won‘t work with iPod nano

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Some accessories that work with other iPod models won't work with iPod nano. Here are some items to note and the affected accessories:

Photo Import

iPod nano cannot import photos from an accessory (use iTunes to copy photos to iPod nano). It will not work with third-party card readers or with the Apple Camera Connector. If you connect such a device, you'll see an error message that displays for about a minute and reads, “The currently attached accessory is not supported by this iPod.”

Voice Recorders (Microphones)

Like iPod mini, iPod nano does not work with third-party voice recorders.

iPod nano (Second Generation):
You can record voice memos using an optional iPod nano (Second Generation)-compatible microphone.

Apple iPod Remote

Because iPod nano does not have a remote port, it won't work with any accessory that requires it, such as Apple iPod Remote.

Headphones Port Location

The headphones port on iPod nano is located on the bottom, therefore, it won't work with any third-party accessory that requires that this port be located on the top.

No Video Out

iPod nano does not support video out through the dock connector or the headphone port. iPod nano is not compatible with the Apple iPod AV Cable designed for iPod with color display (and iPod photo).

If you need to use any of the above devices, you'll need to use an iPod model that supports the accessory.

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Published Date: Feb 18, 2012