MacTerminal 2.0, 2.1: Problems with System 4.1 and Finder 5.5

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There have been compatibility problems with MacTerminal 2.0 and 2.1 using
System File version 4.1 and Finder 5.5. Typical problems include system
crashing while trying to print in MacTerminal or crashing when quitting the
MacTerminal application. The problem is specific not to hardware but to the
combination of MacTerminal version 2.1 and System 4.1. Because of this,
problems may occur on any Macintosh running the new system software.

To assure full compatibility with system software and MacTerminal 2.1,
MacTerminal 2.1 or earlier versions should use System 4.0 or prior system
versions. You may want to continue using System 3.2 included on the Master
disk of MacTerminal 2.1. Users of Macintosh 512Ke and Macintosh 512K should
continue to use System 3.2 and Finder 5.3.

MacTerminal 2.2 is compatible with the new system software.

Apple guidelines prohibit use of certain low memory locations, and the new
system software enforces those guidelines. A system error occurs because
MacTerminal, for historical reasons, uses a memory location locked by System
4.1 to prevent the use of reserved memory.

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Published Date: Feb 18, 2012