Apple IIGS Memory Expansion Cards: RAM Chip Specs & Vendors

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The RAM chips on the memory expansion card for the Apple IIGS must be
150ns chips of 256K bits organized in 256K by 1 bit; they also must have
CAS (Column Address Strobe) before RAS (Row Address Strobe) refresh.

Unless the RAM chips on the expansion board conform to these specifications,
the Apple IIGS will have intermittent errors. These errors can take the
form of system crashes, lock ups, memory errors, etc.

The only memory chips RECOMMENDED for use on memory expansion cards for
the Apple IIGS are Apple part #334-0021. The following are among the vendors
that manufacture RAM that is COMPATIBLE with the Apple IIGSS.

- Fujitsu America, Inc. MB81256-15P
- NEC Microcomputers, Inc. UPD41256C-15
- Texas Instruments TMS4256-15NL
- Mitsubishi Electronics M5M4256AP-15
- Hitachi HM50256P-15
- OKI Semiconductor M41256-15
- Xceed Technologies MT1259-15
- Samsung KM41256AP-15
- Motorola MCM6256BP-15
- Toshiba America TMM41256P-15

NOTE: This list is not complete and is intended for reference only.

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