Mac OS 8.5: Internet Control Panel Or Internet Config?

This article discusses important differences between the Internet control panel and the Internet Config application.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Mac OS 8.5 introduced the Internet control panel, providing features previously obtained through the Internet Config application. For more detail on these features, please see the following Tech Info Library article:

Article 58100: "Mac OS 8.5: Internet Control Panel Features"

Internet Config is not an Apple product, but was bundled with some prior versions of the Mac OS as part of a suite of useful third party Internet utilities. Mac OS 8.5 now integrates the functionality of this application into the new Internet control panel, which offers an entirely different look and feel.

Despite the differences in appearance, both applications are so closely related that they write to the same preferences file and use the same extension. Mac OS 8.5 is thus able to accommodate any Internet application that is configured to use Internet Config. Those who obtain Internet Config are nevertheless free to use it with Mac OS 8.5 instead of the Internet control panel, but with the following cautions:

-- Neither application's settings take precedence over the other because they both write to the same preferences file. Identical settings can thus be altered equally with either application. When using the Internet control panel in Administration mode (choose "User Mode" from the Edit menu to select Administration mode) to password-protect the settings, Internet Config will honor that protection.

-- Internet Config is able to install Internet Config Extension, but since Mac OS 8.5 already includes Internet Config Extension version 2.0.2, using Internet Config to install it again may cause it to be replaced by an older version, potentially interfering with Mac OS components (such as Mac OS Help) that rely upon having the correct version present. If in doubt, use the Internet control panel instead of Internet Config, despite Mac OS 8.5's own references to Internet Config in certain alert messages.

Figure 1 Relationship between Apple's Internet control panel and the Internet Config program.

To install Internet Config Extension separately, use the Mac OS 8.5 Installer to perform a custom-install of the Internet control panel. Both the control panel and the extension will be installed. Proceed as follows:
    1. After you get to the "Custom installation and removal" screen that gives you all the various check boxes to select components, check the "Mac OS 8.5" box.
    2. Click in the "recommended installation" field to the right and select "customized installation".
    3. Scroll down to the bottom click the arrow to the left of the Control Panels option.
    4. Check the box next to "internet".
    5. Select OK.
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012